Marc Soyard worked for 6 years as head of viticulture and also made the wines at Domaine Bizot before starting with Domaine de la Cras. He also spent time at Vins de Vienne in the Rhône and some time in Provence. Domaine de la Cras is a subsidized land project sanctioned by the state to take care of somewhere around 360ha of land just outside of Dijon. Right now 8ha are planted to vines (3 Chardonnay / 5 Pinot Noir). Up to 15ha can be planted to vines and the rest is reserved for wildlife. Purchased in November 2013 by the Grand Dijon, the field of Cras extends over the plateau between Dijon Plombières-lès-Dijon and Corcelles-les-Monts. Greater Dijon has entrusted the management of the vineyard to the Agriculture Côte-d'Or House, which in turn has entrusted the operation to winemaker, Soyard. Other plants, trees, etc. will take up the rest. This is the only vineyard planted in the Dijon area. On the label is "Coteaux de Dijon" - not an official appellation but it is "tolerated." The vines here were planted in '85 and '88. Marc took over in 2014. 


Coteaux de Dijon Blanc

100% Chardonnay. Organic with all natural fermentations. The wine is fermented in barrel and no sulphur is added until bottling.  

Coteaux de Dijon Rouge

100% Pinot Noir. Organic and all natural, whole-cluster fermentations done in large oak fermenters. No sulphur is added until bottling.